Practical info



Why use homeopathy?

The times we live in may be considered as a marked by a resurgence of understanding: regarding our lives and health. There is increasing focus on the strains and toxins we are exposed to in everyday life, and what makes us sick. Thereby many people wish to take a greater, and more active, role in their own health promotion.

Some seek out natural therapists to avoid the use of strong pharmaceutical medications, others to strengthen their health and prevent diseases and ailments. I suspect that you, as an up and coming Hobby-Homeopath, am interested in a natural and gentle tool for dealing with ailments and complaints in everyday life - and thereby reduce the number of doctor-visits and intake of allopathic drugs.

Allopathy can mute or remove symptoms of many more or less complex conditions. From homeopathy's viewpoint however, and many other natural medicines, this is not the same as addressing the reason that we get sick in the first place! Many experience becoming sick again, or have to continue on allopathic drugs for a long time (the rest of their lives) to avoid that the symptoms resurge. Unfortunately many people then experience the drug side effects as (just as big) an issue...

To strengthen our own vital force in everyday life, without resorting to allopathy, homeopathy is a great ally - when we stack up on the most frequently indicated remedies; and know how to use them. In this resource I address practical information and precautions, for when the need for homeopathy emerges: